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    • Who we are

      about guanghui

      Meet customer needs and create customer value.Human design, tailored to your needs.
      As a famous

      China Socks Knitting Machine Manufacturers and Hosiery Machinery Suppliers

      ,Zhuji Guanghui Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in "hometown?of?socks"- Datang town industrial park, Zhuji. It's a modern enterprise specialized in assembly and set R&D, integrating and service in one. The Company R & D and manufacturing technology is quite strong; company has a wealth of experience in Socks Machine manufacturing, with a large number of advanced processing and testing equipment...
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    • Excellent And Stable Product Quality

      Our company carries out strict screening and verification of raw material suppliers, incoming material testing, incoming material comparison and other procedures.

    • Sustained And Reliable Product Supply

      The company has ample production capacity and high control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, which lay the foundation for continuous production.

    • Tailor-made according to customer needs

      Debug the machine according to customer samples, develop programs according to site requirements.


    Zhuji County Guanghui Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a enterprise modern research,development, integrating in service,specialized and assembly Socks Knitting Machine.

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