Dr.Cirkustien LIVE!!! @ The Saloon

Starts @ 9pm


With Special Guest:
Shot Silk and Fire Marshal Bill

Born on the Westside of Charlotte, NC, Dr.Cirkustien was grown for the strange purpose of self expression and mind expansion. The members of this quintet have been playing music in various combinations together for over 15 years, with recent addition of guitarist, the Almighty Satan. A mixture of jazz, reggae and dub rhythms, the melodic and manic experimental dark minor key musings of the ebonies and ivories, covered in a layer of lyrical cynical sacred sarcasm, they have torn the fabric of passe over-played genre music. The lyrical content leans toward the colorful and explicit. The music delves from the lighthearted to intense, truly bring together many, if not all, musical flavors.